Top 10 Bashers Win Weekly Credits & Cash Prizes

1st Place Basher 2nd Place Basher 3rd Place Basher 4th Place Basher 5th Place Basher 6th Place Basher 7th Place Basher 8th Place Basher 9th Place Basher 10th Place Basher
$0.50 Cash 1000c/1000b/1000t/1000sqb $0.45 Cash 900c/900b/900t/900sqb $0.40 Cash 800c/800b/800t/800sqb $0.35 Cash 700c/700b/700t/700sqb $0.30 Cash 600c/600b/600t/600sqb $0.25 Cash 500c/500b/500t/500sqb $0.20 Cash 400c/400b/400t/400sqb $0.15 Cash 300c/300b/300t/300sqb $0.10 Cash 200c/200b/200t/200sqb $0.05 Cash 100c/100b/100t/100sqb

Next Weeks Bash Zone Standings


Andris Lukjanovs


Diana Cave Sabyasachi Mohanty Shobhender Bhati Km Mohanan



Points:3755 Points:3332 Points:2974


vesna cvijanovic


Maida Maliki Sami Suonsivu brenton senegal John Jubelt



Points:2275 Points:1873 Points:1856


5 More positions will be added for every 500 Surf Bash members




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Pierre Boutet


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