Top 10 Bashers Win Weekly Credits & Cash Prizes

1st Place Basher 2nd Place Basher 3rd Place Basher 4th Place Basher 5th Place Basher
$0.05 Cash 1000c/1000b/1000t/1000sqb $0.04 Cash 900c/900b/900t/900sqb $0.03 Cash 800c/800b/800t/800sqb 700c/700b/700t/700sqb 600c/600b/600t/600sqb
6th Place Basher 7th Place Basher 8th Place Basher 9th Place Basher 10th Place Basher
500c/500b/500t/500sqb 400c/400b/400t/400sqb 300c/300b/300t/300sqb Cash 200c/200b/200t/200sqb Cash 100c/100b/100t/100sqb

Next Weeks Bash Zone Standings


Gary Pineo


Diana Cave Alfred Haus Basumitra Bandyopadhyay indi hendriyanto



Points:7208 Points:5097 Points:4565


Tommie Kirkland


Kathleen Javellonar antonio ant Jason Hale jeffrey siewert



Points:3454 Points:1944 Points:1555


5 More positions will be added for every 500 Surf Bash members




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I am Peter from Surf Bash, I like to work with my friends in marketing platform

Pierre Boutet


Dance Dancing Sticker by milkmochabear for iOS & Android | GIPHY
Dance Dancing Sticker by milkmochabear for iOS & Android | GIPHY